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After Hours AM: infamous mysterious three-fingered mummy bodies with paranormal legends Stephen Mera and Barry Fitzgerald.


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On a groundbreaking and sensational edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we journey to Peru to examine the infamous mysterious three-fingered mummy bodies with paranormal legends Stephen Mera and Barry Fitzgerald. Steve and Barry join us Hour 2; In Hour 1.Joel and Eric reveal the week’s hottest paranormal news.
For many years there have been countless claims of amazing discoveries, from fairy-like small winged beings, to coastal discoveries of strange washed up creatures, to small mummified alien-looking beings. All have turned out to be hoaxes or cases of mistaken identity. However the recent discoveries of the three fingered beings in Peru has been somewhat challenging…
Before the images of the large body, known as “Maria” exploded across the internet this summer, we first lay sight on her back in April when we received photographs of her in hope of helping with identification. After a careful examination of the photographs, we decided that we would have to become physically involved if we were to find any answers. On July 5th of this year we headed out to Peru via Manchester Airport.
We arrived in Cusco and were immediately met by painfully thin air due to its altitude of 11,000 feet. This was something that was to develop into altitude sickness: a daily dose of lightheadedness, gasping to catch your breath, and early morning vomiting. This was going to be the most challenging investigation we had ever taken.
We first met with Thierry Jamin of the Inkari Institute in Cusco where he revealed quite a fascinating story. We were told that the discoverers of these bodies had simply delivered them to the institute and dumped them on the counter asking them to identify these bodies. Not only did they feel an obligation to try to find out what these things were, but were driven by absolute fascination. They had heard of ancient stories of three fingered beings from the ancestors of the Inca’s and had even come across numerous references and petroglyphs showing drawings of these beings, but never did they ever think they might come face-to-face with one..
We learned that dealing with these discoverers was a tricky business. They were secretive, dangerous even, and attempting to gain monetary value for such discoveries, apparently selling such things on the black market. At this time, we had no idea we were about to be thrown head first into a world of deceit, covert meetings, and a possible discrediting campaigns.
We were told that the bodies were discovered in a tomb in Nazca. Inside were two Sacofocuses, one of which contained around 20 small bodies, all of which around two feet in length, some missing their heads which were later found throughout the interconnecting tunnels. There was even claims of discoverers seeing live entities fleeing down tunnels on arrival. As for Maria and a smaller one that looks to represent a child that has been named ‘Wawita’, they were both found partially buried in the ground that seemed to consist of diatomaceous earth.
In the early hours of July 7th we received a phone call, presumably from the discoverers allowing us to have access to the bodies for a full examination and review of scans and X-rays. This came in the form of being collected by someone from the hotel. We were not allowed to film the driver, nor identify the vehicle and location we were going. It was highly secret due to the Peruvian government on the hunt for the bodies and those who found them. We had heard that there had been several police raids in an attempt to locate these discoveries.
The trip took almost an hour, up and out of Cusco into the mountains. It was becoming harder and harder to breathe as we climbed, the car itself was also struggling for air as the engine spluttered several times. The roads became unnamed dirt paths. Though we managed to get a little footage, we were eventually instructed to turn all cameras off. Ten minutes later we had arrived at a building, a number of scary looking people stood around watching as wild dogs scrapped among themselves outside.

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