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Paranormal Connections Radio Show Sept 18th 2017…Topic Killer Plants..Literally


Paranormal Connections Radio Show Sept 18th 2017...Topic Killer Plants..Literally | United Public Radio's show

Tonight I will start out with my guest for the 1st hr Deborah Martin...Plant Whisperer & Author of "Baneful" ..Come join us as we discuss some of the Top Deadly Plants that have been used to actually kill people "True Crime Style" Deadly Poisons that can be cooked up in your kitchen....and what to do if you think you have been poisioned...Def an interesting topic...So tune in to find out more...Then for the 2nd Hr I will be Joined by Eric Cooper...Founder of Forest Moon ... See More Paranormal....disucussing the Upcoming Forest Moon Paracon this coming weekend in Concrete WA...One of the few Paracons which has speakers covering the Paranormal....Ufology....& Cryptozoology topics all at one Conference.


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