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The Daily Update with Michael Angley; Tuesday, April 18th, 2017


The Daily Update with Michael Angley; Tuesday, April 18th, 2017: The Centers For Disease Control said that 8.3 million adults, and 2.8 million teens in the US suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety! This comes from the last 8 years; citing the economy and unstable world during the Obama administration! They also say that the Internet, especially social media are contributing factors. Elizabeth Warren said that she is running for office in a re-election bid; and announces the release of her 11th book… President Trump signs executive order putting limits on foreign workers, and promoting American manufacturing! Today is Pet Independence Day, Amateur Radio Day, World Heritage Day, Piñata Day, Lineman Appreciation Day, National Columnists Day, and National Animal Crackers Day! Catch my full show every Saturday at 6pm Eastern, 5 Central on United Public Radio Network, UPRNtalkradio.com 107.5 New Orleans

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